Monday, October 20, 2014

Tarte Must Haves

Tarte Must Haves

Tarte eye care

Tarte face makeup

Tarte cheek bronzer

Tarte lip stain

Hello loves,
Today I wanted to give you guys an update
 about some tarte products that I am still loving in my
 make up /skin care routine!

This BB cream is still one of my favorites! Not only provides beautiful coverage (on its own), but it makes my pores less noticeable thanks to the primer that is included in the formula.

My skin looks so smooth when I wear it, since it also has moisturizing properties. The SPF30 is an awesome added bonus, got to be safe under the sun!
For even more coverage, apply under your favorite foundation.

This has been my go to bronzer for quite some time! It is the perfect bronzer for a natural every day look. I like to contour my nose every now and then, and this bronzer gives me the perfect result!

This eye cream really works! I had some fine expression lines coming in. I noticed that after finishing the jar, those lines were almost faded!  This cream is enriched with Maracuja fruit, vitamin C, and advanced botanicals. I really enjoy the texture of it which is very lightweight, making it perfect for either day or night time use.

Wish list:
I have been wanting to try tarte’s Lipsurgance lip tints! They look like the perfect purse companion. The mix of a stain and lip balm? Sounds like a great a combo to me, plus the colors look really fun!

The Buffer airbrush finish
I’m a sucker for brushes and this one has been raved all over the blogosphere!
It is perfect to achieve an airbrush finish. No need to say more, Want!

What are your tarte’s Must haves?
Please share down below!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A new Fall...


Fall. My longing for it is getting pretty serious! but, while I wait... I am enjoying a new town. We finally moved to Orlando and we are so so excited! My son started school today and I couldn't wait for him to tell me how his first day was. I was so blessed to hear that he had a great time and made new friends. 

We still need to wait for our apartment, so we are staying at my in law's home. Now that we are settle a bit, I am looking forward for the new blogging adventures.. I have been away for a while now and miss it dearly.

 Stay tuned, and happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cozy Fall

Cozy Fall

Pocket cardigan

Blue purse

Chilly weather, hot cocoa, crisp morning walks, cozy cardigans...
Fall is deeply desired here!
Even though these colors are
not typical for the season,
I am loving them so much.

The blue brings a beautiful pop 
and a hint of pink brings a girly balance
to this edgier look.

Happy Monday

Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY: Home Inspo

Now that we will be having a new place I am so excited about decorating!
I have been so hooked on Pinterest lately. I mean, there are so may great ideas
that my folders are getting bigger by the minute.
DIY projects are something that this time around I'm very interested in doing.
I think that you get to appreciate even more something if you make it yourself!

Have a beautiful Friday,
...and if you want to follow me on Pinterest
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Moving sale!

Hi guys,
In case you missed my last post, we are in the
 process of moving!
That's why I decided to put some items for sale on ebay.
I will be adding a few more things
this week so be on the lookout!

These are ending today.
If the items don't sell this week
 I will  relist them!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Boho Kimono

Friday, September 5, 2014

New beginnings...

New beginnings. New dreams. We are about to embark in a new adventure. After living for so many years in South Florida we will be moving soon to Orlando. That's right, close to that guy called Mickey Mouse, I heard his pretty cool, hehe.

We started praying some months ago, and lifted to God our desire to move closer to family. We waited patiently, trusting in Him, and yesterday He answered. Our apartment is sold, and we will be closing in less than 30 days. You guys can imagine we feel!

That means we will be starting with the move and if you don't see me around here that often, that's the reason. We are so looking forward to start fresh in a new place!

Since we want to travel as light as possible I will be selling some home and fashion
 items on ebay.
Feel free to look and maybe there is something that you like!

Have a great weekend